This could be the day. If all the kidney dust has settled I should be at the end of my kidney stone adventure. I am sure you are as ready to quit hearing about it as I am to quit feeling it. Let this be it. I have been to this stage before so I am not counting my chickens yet because we have had some trouble hatching them. This will be the third time I have gone in to have my stent removed. The previous two times we found out that the stones were still too big and needed more procedures to get them out. The third time is going to be the charm has to be!!

I have gone some miserable things in my life but this summer with the stones has been quite a test of my mental strength. I am not sure I have passed the test but I am still here and ready for a victory. If it weren't for my amazing, loving and patient wife Kyla, I would have already lost my mind. She has been my rock during the stones.

Today at 130 I will head to the urologist and hope he yanks this bad boy out me. I think the stent has been even more uncomfortable than the stones but none of it has been fun. I would seriously not wish these on my worst enemy...okay maybe this is exactly what I would wish for my worst enemy. I hope to roll into work tomorrow with a whole new feeling. Fingers crossed. Thank you for your patience with me.

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