Most of the state public health orders in Wyoming related to the COVID-19 pandemic have been lifted at this point.

According to a release,  this week from the Wyoming Department of Health  ''Mask use and physical distancing requirements related to educational institutions remain. Indoor events of more than 500 people may be held at 50 percent of venue capacity with specific mask protocols for large indoor events."

.But some businesses have posted signs up saying they require them, and you still see a fair number of people wearing facemasks, even outdoors in many cases. On the other hand, it's not unusual to see people not wearing face coverings even in stores that have signs saying they are required or at least encouraged,. Many people appear to simply be ignoring the posted requirements at this point.

Are you one of the folks who continue to wear a face mask? Perhaps you have been fully vaccinated and you don't feel it should be necessary? Or maybe you never did believe in the whole facemask/social distancing thing?

Take our survey and give us your opinion.

By the way, in our last online poll, we asked Cheyenne residents whether transients are a big problem in the city. In that poll, 54 percent of those taking the poll said "'yes," while another 26 percent said we need to focus on the problems that cause homelessness, like a lack of inexpensive housing.

You can see the full results of that poll here.

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