After a freak accident on a ski trip, one 25-year-old student gets seizures when he plays Sudoku puzzles.

The seizures began after the man was caught in an avalanche during a ski tour, trapped beneath snow for about 15 minutes with limited oxygen. Luckily, the man recovered with minimal brain injury, with the exception of an involuntary twitch around his mouth and a bit of a jerk in his legs while walking.

Weeks after the accident, the unidentified man began suffering from clonic seizures - where he would remain conscious, but unable to control rapid, rhythmic jerking in his left arm - all of which were caused by Sudoku puzzles and any other math-related games.

Fortunately, the man has been seizure-free for 5 years, as doctors pinpointed the cause and he quit playing Sudoku.

Although Sudoku seizures are a new thing, games and calculations causing seizures are certainly heard of. In fact, playing games and performing mathematical calculations are one of the most common triggers for reflex epilepsy.

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