One of my favorite things to do is to go out for dinner with my bride or a few good friends. Greeley has some great places to go and fill yourself up. There are new restaurants popping up in Greeley lately too. This is great news for me, being a Greeley resident. Downtown Greeley is hopping like never before with great nightlife and some fantastic eateries. There are a few that used to be here in town that I miss though.

 Here are a few that I wish were still around.
5. Outback Steakhouse- We used to have one at 34 bypass and 47th ave. They weren't open long but I loved the Blooming Onion and the meat. Can't believe they went away.
4. Round The Corner- This was at 26th ave and 11th st. This was the first place my wife and I used to eat when we moved here in the late 80's. I loved sitting in the booth and ordering by phone. Great food and shakes.
3. Smiling Moose- This place that was on 25th st and 11th ave was where I learned what a yard of beer was. I accumulated a lot of yardage there.
2. Potato Brumbaugh's - a unique building at 24th and w 17th was home to some great grub and excellent soups.
1. Bubba's Bar B Que- This was my favorite place in Greeley. Great food, loved the atmosphere and nothing has come close to replacing it.  I miss you Bubba's
What am I missing? What eating place in Greeley do you miss?

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