Many people throughout Northern Colorado that have taken Halloween decorations to the next level.

Giant pumpkins, skeletons, graveyards, creepy creatures that stand about 10 feet tall (or higher)— it's pretty awesome, and I applaud these folks and their ambition to put in the work and put on a show for the rest of us to enjoy. It's even gotten to the point where we will go through various neighborhoods just to look at the decorations and check out the scenes.

In THIS particular year, it's more important than ever to get into the spirit of things and enjoy the moment, and the folks that put these displays together have given us a chance to do just that.

While house hunting in the Windsor/Severance area recently, I noticed a BUNCH of houses decked out for Halloween, so I decided to drive around with my wife and 5-year-old to really check them out...and we were quite impressed by what we saw!

I want to give a big shout-out and thank the people that take the time to do this. Your art really is impressive in more ways than one and your hard work is greatly appreciated.

These were our top 5:

Windsor Halloween Houses

Check out even more Halloween house hotspots throughout Northern Colorado via  The Coloradoan

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