Don't forget tonight's acoustic performance with Phil Vassar and Craig Morgan at the Union Colony Civic Center. Chances are also very high that you will hear Vassar's new Christmas single called "Santa's Gone Hollywood."

Phil Vassar's Chirstmas album "Noel" features the song "Santa's Gone Hollywood." This was the most original song on last years "Noel"  Christmas album. As you would guess, the song is about Santa, and what would go down if he were to live in Hollywood! Nothing beats the classics but from time to time, it's nice to hear an original Christmas song.

What are your thoughts?  Take a listen and make sure to cast your vote.  Thanks and Merry Christmas from all of us here at K99.

Don’t forget, if you missed a song for the day or even a few, just click the big red link below and it will take you to one page where all these songs are housed.  That way you can go back and listen to one you didn’t hear or heard while driving and want to vote on one.

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