Peyton Manning has always had a great personality that really shows on TV whenever he hosts a show, does a commercial or anything. It is no surprise that his name has been circulating in the rumor mill as a possible replacement for Jon Gruden on Monday Night Football next season. I think he would be great.

Peyton has the perfect personality and knowledge for the position. I know he has not done this before but neither had Tony Romo and he has gotten rave reviews for his first season in the booth. The minute Peyton retired I thought he would end up in a broadcast booth somewhere and I would still bet that it will happen. His love for the game and sense of humor would be a win for ESPN and the whole Monday Night Football team. It is just a rumor right now and it may never happen but I would love to see it. Come on ESPN hire Peyton and put some fun and class on MNF. Maybe he can even get Brad Paisley to show up and mess around.

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