Tiger Woods, Peyton Manning, Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady competed in a Florida charity match that raised more than $20 million was raised for COVID-19 relief.

Manning, along with Tiger Woods took the victory against Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady Sunday in "The Match: Champions for Charity" at Medalist Golf Club during a very rainy day in south Florida.

Things started off strong for Manning and Woods with a quick 3-hole lead on the front nine. Brady and Mickelson were struggling. However, on the seventh hole Tom Brady reminded us all what kind of athlete he is by hitting the shot of his life. Not only did the birdie on hole seven gave Tom "exactly what he needed," but it also raised an extra 100,000 for charity.

One slight problem though, "Mr. Cool" Tom Brady got a dose of humility when he reached down to pick up the ball and ripped his pants.



Even after a tough start and ripped pants, Peyton Manning wasn't letting up on the trash talk.

Brady played back, joking about Manning’s questionable QB play in bad weather calling him a "dome quarterback."

The Match: Champions For Charity
Getty Images for The Match

Brady's teammate Phil Mickelson stepped up with a few impressive shots and made it a tight match between the two teams down the stretch. On the 18th hole it was do or die for Brady-Mickelson. That's where Tiger Woods stepped up, hit an brilliant putt, ending the game and earning Woods-Manning a one-hole victory.

The Match earned twenty million dollars for COVID-19 relief.

Source: Golf Week

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