It is a critical election year in Colorado. A ton of local measures and laws are trying to be passed that will change how Colorado operates and spends its funds.

You may have seen folks standing outside of grocery stores, outdoor events, and main streets collecting signatures.

In Colorado, you need 124,238 verified signatures for a measure to reach the ballot. I love the American process and the ability to do this. It is great. However, I have a major problem with some of the people collecting signatures.

Huge Pet Peeve in Colorado

I have no problem stopping and signing petitions if it is for something that I believe in. I have stopped a few times and noticed something strange every time.

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I will be solicited for a petition and I will stop to sign. Then the person collecting the signatures will take away the clipboard with the other signatures and ask for another signature and to fill out the details again.

And again.

And again.

The Problem With This And The Purpose Of This Rant


When signature collectors do this they are collecting your signature for other petitions to get on the ballot. You are told you are signing for one thing and they are trying to sneak extra signatures out of you for different causes.

It would be fine if they told you what you were signing for, but I have found that they only ask for the signature.

I know there are bigger things in the world to worry about, but this really gets on my nerves.

So the next time you sign a petition, make sure to look over the paperwork and make sure you are signing the correct petitions.

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