Some people are calling it price gouging, others are calling it supply and demand. What ever you call it, many people are not happy with what they ended up paying for a New Year's Eve ride from Uber. Even though Uber offered plenty of advance notice or their surge pricing on New Year's Eve, many people went to social media to complain about paying fees upwards of 6x the normal cost. Uber has always issued a surge charges, in an attempt to, "Encourage more drivers to get on the road at times of particularly high demand," according to Mashable. One customer documented that he paid $205.03, when his normal fair would have been only $20.71.

The issue is, is that Uber made everyone aware of the surge charge before they clicked accept. For anyone that has ever used Uber, there are several steps that have to be taken, and you should never be "caught off guard" by excessive fees. If you agreed to pay it, stop complaining about it.

Good for these people for being safe, and not driving drunk. But there are other options, taxis, public transportation, rickshaws and so on, at the end of the day, you're an adult and you should have planned accordingly.

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