My son Cade and I decided to pick our favorite riders and bulls for this years PBR run.   Now that my son Cade is riding steers with the Mountain States Young Guns on his way to a career in bull riding we are now following the PBR more than ever.  I cool is that!?!  So, my son bet me that his rider, Valdiron de Oliveira would finish better than my rider: Ben Jones!  That's right...the man from down under and if you haven't seen this guys "happy dance" click right here.

Here are a list of our favorite bulls this year though some have not bucked yet since there has only been one event but I am reasonably sure they will, but what do I know!

I'm A Gangster - This is probably my favorite pic so far for bull of the year!  This beast is 0-2 this year and 3 of 43 in his career.  This bull will win you some money...

Bushwacker - This bull is just awesome!  He was never ridden last year in 11 tries and is 1 and 15 in his career.

Voodoo Child - This bull has only been ridden 4 times out of 47 outs since 2007 and one of those rides was last weekend

Super Duty - Here is a bull that no one could ride in 2008 or 2009 and is 3 of 51 on his career.  He has only been bucked once in 2011 and he was ridden.  A bad start?  We'll see...still one of my favorite bulls!

Mac-Nett's Pinball Wizzard - This bull has only been bucked for 2 years and stands at 2 and 43.  Not sure if he will buck in 2011 but don't know why he wouldn't.  If he is in the tour he is again a favorite!

Flip Side - This bad boy started last year and went 0-13!  He is 0-2 for 2011!  Can he be ridden?

Silver Wings - This bull has been bucked 33 times and only ridden once and that was in 2008.

A lot of the fan favorites will be back as well including Chicken on a Chain, Hank, Tomahawk, Yellow Jacket Jr, Uppercut and White Magic just to name a few.  Enjoy the season and please leave some comments and tell me who your favorite rider and bulls are.

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