It's that time of the year again, on Sunday, 6 May, 2012, the Patriot Guard Riders of Colorado have been invited to provide a motorcycle escort for 185 WWII, Korean War and Viet Nam War Purple Heart Awardees, from the Budweiser Event Center to DIA.


The honored Veterans are being flown to Washingto D.C. to see their memorials at no cost to them. The Veterans have been asked to show up at 0630 for registration and check-in. They will register and receive their travel instructions at the Embassy Suites Hotel.

Buses, provided by CSU, will arrive around 0730 and the veterans will board the buses around 0800 for an 0830 departure. The Patriot Guard Riders of Colorado and other riders will provide escort to the Signature FBO hangar at DIA. Several Law Enforcement Agencies will be providing LEO escort all the way to DIA. Honor Flight would also like us to provide a flag line/greeting line for the veterans as they arrive at the FBO hangar. This will be the 8th time that the Patriot Guard Riders of Colorado have been asked to provide this honor for these American Heros.

Last year, the Patriot Guard Riders of Colorado, by a unanimous vote of the North Colorado Honor Flight, has been chosen and designated the "Official and Preferred" escort to honor these men and women.  Bravo!  OUTSTANDING!!!

The parking area for the bikes will be in the east parking lot in a coned off area...please park all bikes there. The hotel has asked to park all bikes in the specially marked area and that no bikes park on the sidewalk as in the past. Once you park your bike, the area for the flag line will be the east door...not the front door.

The riders brief will be held by the east door.

For more information please contact RC: Greg "Hey G" Watson, Senior Ride Captain or RC: Roger Schmidt

STAGE: 0600 at the Embassy Suites Hotel, east parking lot, Budweiser Event Center

BRIEF: 0615


SIDEBAR: The PG have also been asked by the Honor Flight Network if members could form a Flag line for the Welcome Home at DIA on Sunday, May 6th. The Nebraska WWII Veteran's Honor Flight is scheduled to arrive at 12:30PM. There will already be a number of PGR members at DIA, Signature Air, for the Send Off of the Northern Colorado Honor Flight. Perhaps some may be able to help welcome the Nebraska WWII Veterans home. For those who are able to participate, please plan to be at Arrival Level 5 of the Main Terminal, where the fountain used be and where the passengers arrive by escalator or elevator from the Train platform, by Noon.

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