Townsquare Media's Outdoor Adventure is a monthly series that takes on different outdoor activities with the help of Jax Outdoor Gear specialists.

I faced my fears this weekend at Horsetooth Reservoir and went stand up paddle boarding.

It was much easier than I thought, and even relaxing at times. It's cool because you can explore the waters without actually getting in it — if your balance is good enough.

If you don't know about stand up paddle boarding, it's a sport where you stand on what appears to be a surfboard, then you use a paddle to propel yourself through the water.

People have been seen with their pets on paddle-boards and some people even do yoga or fishing on their board. It's a pretty common sight at Horsetooth Reservoir.


After doing it once I have come up with 5 helpful tips for your first time on a stand up paddle board.

5. Choose the Right Gear - Not all gear is created equal. I rented my gear from Jax Outdoor Gear and got everything I needed to have a blast.

4. Learn Correct Paddling Technique - Jax specialists also showed me exactly how to hold and use the paddle properly. This was super helpful because once I was on the water, I started using the paddle wrong. I was going nowhere. Then that Jax training kicked in and I was good to go. Either seek

3. Face in the Right Direction - Make sure the fins are on the back. Pretty easy.

2. Use Your Core - Balance might be the most important thing when you're out on your SUP. When you stand and paddle you have to keep your shoulders above your feet. If you lean to far one way or the other you will fall in. That forces you to use the core muscles of the body to paddle. If you're anything like me, you'll feel it the next day.

1. Have Fun - I know this seems a little obvious but I'll be honest, I was nervous going into this. It was much better when I relaxed and just had fun with it.

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