Last night Reba hosted the CMA Country Christmas 2017 special and you may not know it but there was a bit of a Colorado connection on that show last night in the form of two unbelievably talented young men known as CB30.

CB30 consist of Christian and Brody Clementi. These 16 and 13 year old brothers are on their way to a very prosperous career and we are so excited for them. They are the children of our dear friends Jay and Heather Clementi. Todd and I attended Jay and Heather's wedding and have been friends of ours for decades. Jay used to be an intern here and was a football star at UNC back in the glory days. He left Colorado to pursue a career in country music in Nashville and things have turned out pretty darn good. Jay penned his first number one hit this past year when Luke Bryan went to number one with the song "Move" which Jay wrote.

While Jay is writing hits his boys are making a huge splash in the music biz. Check out their performance of "The Christmas Song" on last nights CMA Country Christmas show.

Here is their debut single 'Marina" which features a cameo by family friend Luke Bryan.

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