***UPDATE 03/19/2014 - Oreo the Cat has been found safe and returned to the Armstrong Hotel, but Police are still looking for information about the culprits who took her. ***

Some people are jerks. Case in point, the drunk hooligans who stole a cat from an iconic Fort Collins hotel over the weekend. 'Oreo' the cat was stolen Saturday night from the Armstrong Hotel and they are asking for the public's help to try and find the cat and/or the culprits.

From the Coloradoan:

Two men in their late teens or early 20s who appeared to have been partying during the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in Fort Collins came to the Armstrong Hotel’s front desk multiple times Saturday requesting a room...Front desk staff told them there were no rooms available, and when they returned around 7:40 p.m., video shows the pair scooping the hotel’s black and white cat, Oreo, from the lobby and nonchalantly walking out the front door and on to College Avenue.

The hotel has already been talked to police and area humane societies, but have had no luck in finding the missing feline.

If you know anything about the missing cat or have any leads as to where Oreo might be please contact the hotel's front desk at (970) 484-3883, or Haynes with Fort Collins Police Services at (970) 221-6540.
You can see surveillance footage in the video below.

Hopefully, this was just a stupid move pulled by someone who had a few too many drinks and Oreo will be found safe and sound. She's made her home in the hotel lobby since 2004. Oreo is so beloved, he even has his own Facebook page.