We all have the power to make this a more kind, peaceful and loving place to live one encounter at a time. We can make each person we meet feel good and carry that on to all the people they encounter. We can actually start a chain of kindness every single encounter we have. Today is the perfect day to spread some kindness.

Today is National Good Samaritan Day. Get out there and be one today. It doesn't take much.  You could hold the door for someone, compliment someone, buy a veteran's groceries, donate some time at a senior center or animal rescue, help push someone's stalled vehicle, let someone merge in front of you in traffic, read to a child, help a friend in need and just be there for them. The opportunities are all around you. Grab them and make a difference. You will be amazed at how good doing good can feel. Happy National Good Samaritan Day!

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