Planning a summer vacation this year? Where are you headed?

Summer time is a time for vacations and travel. As the nation continues to open up, we are seeing more and more people getting out of the house and out of town. Vacation rentals have jumped nearly 130 percent since April and it sounds like people are getting more confident about travel again.

So where are you headed this summer?

While much international travel is still restricted, people are traveling in the United States. Whether you're piling into the car or booking a flight, summer is a great time to round up the family or some close friends and get out of town. Recently we found a list of the 20 Best Summer Vacations in the USA from US News.

Steamboat Springs in Colorado made the list at number 18.

Many people flock to Colorado in the summer for its outdoor adventures and mild temperatures. US News raved about Steamboat Springs' fishing and camping options. They also made note of some standout locations like Fish Creek Falls, Yampa River Core Trail, and Strawberry Park Hot Springs. There is truly something for everyone in Steamboat.

The list also featured vacation opportunities in our neighboring states like Wyoming and Utah. Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks were favorites in Utah, while Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks chosen in Wyoming. In Fact, Yellowstone was number one on the list.

Where would you like to travel to in the US?

Some of my favorites made the list, like San Diego and Chicago. I also saw some on my bucket list like Hilton Head and Cape Cod. I was surprised there weren't more beach towns. I personally love to rent a house in Pensacola or Navarre, Florida and just lounge in the sand for a few days. I guess there aren't enough "activities" for most travelers.

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