The wintry weather that the Colorado mountains has experienced in the past couple weeks has claimed the first permanent road closure of the season.

According to the National Park Service, Old Fall River Road is now closed to motorized vehicles through next summer. It is still open to bicycles and leashed pets until November 30th.

Trail Ridge Road is still closed to motorized vehicles due to the recent storms, as crews continue to work on clearing the roadway. However, there is still four foot drifts in some locations along with overnight freezing temperatures that have hampered the ability of crews.

They hope to have Trail Ridge Road open to motorized vehicles again soon.

A recent call to the recorded line for Trail Ridge Road has it closed currently at Rainbow Curve from the east, and Milner Pass coming from the west.

To reach the recorded information for Trail Ridge Road, please call 970-586-1222.

Be aware as well for your plans at the end of this weekend, as the wintry weather late Sunday into Tuesday could also affect Trail Ridge Road plans.

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