Every Friday I usually compile all of the inspirational sayings I think of throughout the week and putt them up for all to read. This week, I have to be honest, has been a struggle. I am always trying to be upbeat and find the good and try to look for the positive and focus on that. That is the key to being mentally healthy and happy. I have failed this week. So instead of writing words to inspire, I am going to confess.

I am still battling depression and anxiety and this was a tough week. I am going through one of the most difficult personal phases of my life and have been struggling bad this week and it has started to effect my health. I have found myself in moments of panic and anxiety and have sunk to moments of dark depression. I know that I always eventually get my mind right and the right focus to survive and be happy but I have not gotten there yet. I then realized what Susan had wrote about last week. It was a piece about the change of season and getting enough sleep. You can check that out here. I spoke to a friend and got some help. Last night I slept much better and feel a bit sharper today. I know I will find the right frame of mind but also know that my brain will not do it's job if I do not get the rest I need. That is number one for mental health.

If you are feeling a bit down and maybe in a darker place than usual...check out your sleep and make sure you are getting the rest you need.


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