I go for salty snacks every single time... I think that I go to the movies once a week simply to have popcorn, what is your snack addiction?Oreos!!
As Addictive as Cocaine, the Evil Oreo!

It's big news today and all over Facebook and the news that Oreos are addictive as cocaine and morphine, tapping into the pleasure center of the brain. Mac and Cheese does that for me, but comparing it to a drug is insane. Yes, I am slightly bias in this as my mother was a Heroin addict for most of my childhood and I would have loved for her to have an unhealthy addiction to Oreos, I wish that Oreos would have done the trick, but with that said, I get that not everyone has my slanted ranting view and can look at this news a bit more lighthearted, that's why I want to know what snack has your addiction.

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