Todd Visibly Shaken over Harding scandal
Todd Harding, TSM

Not since the Tonya Harding fiasco has my family suffered such embarrassment. I have made it known before that I am related to the 29th President of the United States. Yes, I come from the same family tree As a Warren G. Harding. I was always told that "good Ol' Uncle Warren" never had any children. My family was wrong.

According to "The New York Times",

DNA testing has confirmed that President Harding fathered a love child with Nan Britton in 1919.  Britton was a woman who was denigrated as a “pervert” and “degenerate”  at the time for claiming that Harding was the father. Harding’s grandnephew, Dr. Peter Harding, tested his DNA against that of James Blaesing, Britton’s grandson, and found that they were second cousins. Therefore Blaesing’s mother, Elizabeth Ann, had to be Warren G. Harding’s daughter.

How am I supposed to live with this news? Now the man, who is often referred to as the worst American President ever, is even "worser." He was the father of a child out of wedlock. I'm not quite sure how our family will recover from this scandal. We will try to move on, day-by-day.

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