In Wyoming, we count sheep when we're trying to get to sleep. Bighorn sheep actually. If that's your routine, you're gonna love a new trail cam video that was just shared by Wyoming Game and Fish.

According to the video description, this trail cam is located in the Laramie Peak Wildlife Habitat Management Area. I tried to count all the bighorn sheep that passed by this camera, but lost track about halfway through.

One interesting side note from Wyoming Game and Fish regarding this bighorn trail cam montage is the mention that 200,000 acres of the Laramie Peak area were affected by wildfires last year which greatly affected the behavior and migration of these bighorn sheep. They prefer the high altitude locations where predators aren't so prevalent. The wildfires in some cases forced them to lower elevations making for a more difficult survival rate.

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The behavior and migration of bighorn sheep and other wildlife common to Wyoming is a fascinating thing. The fact that Wyoming Game and Fish share this interesting video footage they're collecting helps all of us appreciate them even more.

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