One of the biggest complaints I get when I visit with people about music is "where is the real country music?" Music is always evolving and changing but I understand the question, I really do. I am an old school guy who loves the old country sound. I still think George Strait is the greatest singer on the planet and love that sound. You may be one of those wondering who is still making that kind of country. You don't have to look any further than the name Cody.

Cody Johnson and Cody Jinks have been blasting out of my home stereo for the last few months and I just can't get enough. Both of these guys have such a real country sound that it just makes my boots start smiling. Cody Johnson is George Strait, Garth Brooks and Chris LeDoux all rolled into one person. He is flat out fantastic. I love every single song this guy sings. If you haven't discovered him must.

Cody Jinks has that outlaw look and sound that would have made Waylon and Merle grin from ear to ear. You can smell the whiskey and sawdust when you listen to him sing. Do yourself a favor and buy his music. Real country is about to explode again and I am pretty darn excited about it. Giddy up!


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