Every January, the National Western Complex in Denver fills with hundreds of horses, longhorns and other livestock, talented riders, and all things agricultural, as the National Western Stock Show rolls into town for sixteen full days of entertainment, education, exciting competitions and fun.

Thanks to Denver voters who are responsible for passing ballot measure 2C earlier this week, everyone that visits the 110th Stock Show on January 19 will get in completely free of charge. Having a day with no admission is the National Western Stock Show's way of showing their deepest appreciation to citizens who gave their support and voted for the approval of two tourist tax extensions that will be the main source of funding for the $1.1 billion revitalization project planned for the current location.

Although the National Western Center Project has a timeline of ten years before it is expected to be completed, the final results will be a much needed upgrade for both the personnel and animals involved in the annual Stock Show. The funding plans to cover the costs of building larger equestrian and livestock centers, as well as improving the current infrastructure and remodeling the 270-acre space into a year-round tourist and agricultural innovation center. With the help of CSU, a new veterinary hospital is going to be built on the grounds too. In addition to that, officials would like to relocate the stockyards so that they could also double as a festival park where other outdoor events could be held throughout the year. The surrounding neighborhoods and riverfront will be receiving some major cleanup and rejuvenation after being neglected for quite some time as well.

Besides just putting on a fantastic event that the whole family can enjoy, the National Western Stock Show does a ton of good, working as a charitable organization that awards college and graduate level scholarships in agriculture and medicine for practice in rural areas. The future upgrade is definitely something that this hardworking organization deserves and will greatly benefit from in more ways than one.

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