Finally a holiday I can really get behind and sink my teeth into. Today is National Doughnut Day. I don't care if you spell it 'donut' or 'doughnut' it is still worth celebrating and placing in your face today.

We have made no secret of our love of donuts over our years here at K99. I certainly don't eat them like I used to but that doesn't mean my love for them has wavered at all. I still have a very special place in my much healthier heart for them and will need to spend a few minutes...seconds, with one today.

The big question when it comes to your donut is do you want it with sprinkles or not? I will eat sprinkles but I have to say, I would much rather not have those little hard devils sticking in my teeth and ruining the texture of my pastry. I will accept them but am not a fan of sprinkles. How about you? Are you a sprinkle person? Take the donut poll and be counted. Happy National Donut Day.

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