It all begins Thursday at 5 am. The 20th annual 28 Hours of Hope is just a couple of sleeps away. I will come in here Thursday morning to a lobby full of tables and phones and people I see once a year, all gathered together in anxious anticipation of making a difference and feeling the pulse and huge heart of this community. We will cry together and cheer together and know that we make a difference together.

We work endlessly putting this event together. We try to line up the big stars and get all these celebrities to call in for the show. I can tell you it is getting more and more difficult getting to the big name celebrities anymore but they really are not the ones that matter in this is you. You are the one that is the most important guest or element of the 28 Hours of Hope. You are the star. The super star kids in Wellington who raise money for us, the kids who bring in their allowance, the people who bring in their lunch money. the offices who pooled together their spare cash, the service groups who hold fundraisers, the business partners in the community who want to give...these are the important guests and elements of the 28 Hours of Hope. The famous guests are great but they are nothing compared to what you bring.

My heart is open and ready to filled. My mind is focused and ready to fight for the cause and my strength and stamina are at the highest they have ever been. I am ready to make some magic and feel the love you pour on these children. This is why we are here. Let's do this. Sleep and get some rest. We have a huge task in front of us and we will succeed. Get all the info on the 20th annual 28 Hours of Hope below.

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