When we asked you to submit pictures of your favorite moms in our 2014 My Mom Rocks Photo Contest, we had no idea what a huge response we'd get. We had 144 entries pour in! Then, when we put them all up to a vote, we were even more blown away as we had just shy of 90,000 votes to determine the big winners.

Congratulations to all of the moms who were nominated! Happy Mother's Day to all of you!!! You are all greatly appreciated moms!

We also want to give a big thank you to all of the people that nominated, and voted for, these great moms and gave them some much deserved recognition!!!

Before we unveil the winners, let's take a look again at what they will win.

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    Angie Sieber

    "My mom rocks because she can do anything! She is patient, fun, and beautiful! Everything I know about being awesome, I learned from her!"

    Submitted by Mallory West


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    Wendy Merritt

    "My mom is the most caring, giving and selfless person I have ever met. She takes care of my handicap sister 24/7. My sister is 30-years-old and cannot walk or talk. Her brain damage and developmental disabilities require around-the-clock care. She is a mother of three who truly has devoted her whole life to her children. She is always my first call when things go wrong. My mom is without a doubt my best friend. My sister's needs are extremely mentally, physically and financially taxing on my mother. My mom never spends any money on herself, and hardly ever gets time for herself. My mom is currently going through a rough time financially. I cannot think of someone who is more deserving of a gift solely for her alone. MY MOM ROCKS!!!!"

    Submitted by Tiffany Edwards

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    Kate Pagliotti

    "My mom has breast cancer, and is going through chemo, and she still is taking care of three kids and helping my dad run a ranch. She has helped me and my siblings more than I can explain. She hasn't gotten herself anything in a long time, and she deserves to be able to do something nice for herself. She is the most amazing lady, and I love her."

    Submitted by Sierra Pagliotti

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    Mary Birchum

    "She has been loving and caring. Also, she donated me her car. She's been there for me when my mother couldn't be."

    Submitted by Adam Irlander

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