I had such an amazing weekend. The K99 crew was down in Denver for the CBA Awards bringing home a full trunk of awards including Station of the Year and big awards for Susan, Alana, Sparx and the 28 Hours of Hope as well. I am so proud to work with such incredible people. I was at home playing with my favorite trophies...my grandkids.

I had the chance to have all of my children and grandchildren in my home all weekend and I would say that I was actually the big winner. It was such a joy to watch them all play together and hear the laughter and smiles. I have made my grand boys get in front of the camera and do lots of silly things in their lives already for my show but Kirzi lives a little ways away so I haven't gotten to spend as much time with her and make her work on my show like the boys have. This weekend I got a big scoop of Kirzi and I want more and more. She is such a little doll. She loves to dance, sing and play golf and basketball. I also found out she is quite a little actress. We had her do a range of different emotions for her first screen test to see if she has what it takes to make it in Hollywood. She is ready!!

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