I am so lucky to get to do what I had always dreamed of for a living. I get to play music and make you laugh each day. I love getting to try to put a smile on your face with some humor but getting to share the music I love with you is my greatest joy. I get so excited about new music and getting to turn you on to it is such a rush for me.

We are so blessed in this format to have so many great core artists and so many incredibly talented young stars emerging every day. We have a great bunch of songs right now on K99 and here are what I consider my five favorites of the new songs you are hearing on K99.

Randy Houser keeps getting better and better and his latest 'We Went' kicks serious booty.

James Otto is back with a song that will stick in your head and get your toe tapping with 'Somewhere Tonight'.

Brothers Osborne has deserved a huge hit and have it with their latest 'Stay a Little Longer'.

The Cadillac Three have been a favorite of mine since I first heard them and 'White Lightning' is their best yet.

Craig Campbell is not only a good friend but a great singer. He is back with his best work yet called 'Tomorrow Tonight'.

As a bonus this is my fav right now but has been out for a bit...Dan + Shay