We have had the honor of meeting about every star in country music you can imagine over the last few decades. My favorite part of my job is getting to know these talented people as people. I love meeting artists when they are first starting out and seeing them achieve their dream and knowing that I had a part in it by playing their music.

When a new artist is being introduced, they ask radio stations if they can stop by for a visit and will have the artist perform in a conference room for a few employees. We changed that a couple years ago when we started doing the New From Nashville series at The Boot Grill. We decided we would rather bring the artists to you and watch you watch them. It is more fun for the artist and we get to see your reaction to their performance. We have had some amazing visits over the last few years but if I were to pick the one moment that knocked me out...this is it. I have heard some fantastic singers over the years but never did anyone give me goosebumps like Bradley Gaskin did nearly 5 years ago. Bradley had a marginal hit with a song called 'Mr. Bartender' and was even in one of our Habajeeba Shows several years ago. He sat down and sang Keith Whitley's 'Don't Close Your Eyes' and literally made the cement walls shake with his powerful voice. He gave me goosebumps that haven't left me yet. Check out my favorite artist visit performance ever at K99.


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