When we asked you to submit pictures of your great dads in our 2014 My Dad Rocks Photo Contest, we were so excited by the response! We received 128 entries. Those entries received more than 200,000 votes during our seven day voting period. 

Congratulations to all of the dads who were nominated! Happy Father's Day to all of you!!! It is clearly that you are truly appreciated!

We also want to give a big thank you to all of the people that nominated, and voted for, these amazing dads and gave them some much deserved recognition!!!

Before we unveil the winners, let's take a look again at what they will win.

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    Zachariah Long

    "From the voice of a 2-year-old, "Daddy rocks 'cause slide! Love Daddy! Jump, up, high, baby (pointing to Mommy's pregnant belly)! Love my daddy! Slide, WWEEEEEEEEEEE, Daddy, ya." In other words, my daddy rocks because he loves our family unconditionally and loves to be wild and crazy! He knows how to rock his kids' socks off while still being a parent, and we love that!!"

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    Gavin Campbell

    "Gavin loves his little boy, Isaiah, and would do anything for him. He is always putting the needs of his family above his own. We LOVE him very much!!!!!"

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    Victor Chacon

    "Vic is: rational, receptive, reliable optimistic, original, outgoing calm, charismatic, charming kind, knowledgeable, the KING silly, and sincere."

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