Well yesterday my wife and I decided we would take the grandsons out to the movies. They had been begging to see 'Peter Rabbit' and yesterday morning sounded like the perfect time for a little family outing. What's better on a cold snowy day than going to a movie?

We got Zander and Zayden all dressed up in their winter coats and headed to Cinemark in Greeley for the 11 am showing of 'Peter Rabbit'. I was standing in line to buy the tickets and Kyla and the boys were behind me. I had just started to purchase the tickets when I heard a bit of commotion behind me. I saw the young lady at the ticket counter look behind me and saw her eyes grow a bit but I just kept going with my transaction. I then turned around to see my grandson Zayden doing his best Linda Blair from 'The Exorcist' impression as he burst out in a volcanic spurt of vomit. He erupted again and I grabbed the poor vomitimus little lad and took him out to the truck. I told Kyla and Zander to just go to the movie and I would take the little one home.

I walked him slowly to the truck in hopes that I would not jiggle him too much and make him erupt in my truck. I drove him very slowly home and he was wiped out for the day. The fine folks at Cinemark found my  wife in the theater and actually refunded her the price of mine and Zayden's tickets.

Thank you Cinemark for your kindness and for cleaning up the puddle we left behind. Sorry to anyone in the lobby who may have been hit by any flying "buckshot" that was spewed around the area. By the way...Zander and Kyla loved the movie.

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