My friend Jamie of Milliken Inkhouse is amazing. Jamie is the one who did the Twinkie tattoo on my shoulder and I had to call on him again this weekend.

I waited until I was 30 to get my first tattoo. I always felt that a tattoo was a permanent reminder of a temporary feeling. I see so many people get tats that they are unhappy with later in life. I am glad I waited. I got a Minnesota Viking logo done on my arm when I hit 30. I know I will always love my Vikings, so that one made sense. A year or so ago I lost a bet and had to get Twinkie the Kid tattooed on my other arm. I love my Twinkie tat and have gotten lots of mileage out of it.

Brian and Jamie post tattoo
Brian Gary, TSM

The thing that changed was that I now had a bigger Twinkie than Viking. I had to get my Viking biggered. I showed Jamie a picture of my Viking and told him to get creative. He went above and beyond. I am blown away at the new piece on my arm. Now THIS is a Viking. I am very proud of both pieces. They represent 2 sides of my personality beautifully. I am a comedic warrior and now I have the ink to prove it. Today I am a proud-full Viking.

Do you have a bad tattoo that needs a cover up? Send me picture. I would love to see it.

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