After giving birth to her baby in a taxi, a mother is planning on naming her child "Uber." According to the Independent, a woman from Delhi India who was in labor, was forced to call an Uber to get her to the hospital when her ambulance was a no show. The driver picked up the woman, with two of her friends, and headed for the hospital. However, the driver had to pull over and deliver the baby himself, when the woman started giving birth, and her friends didn't know what to do. The driver, being "uber prepared," poured some drinking water into a bowl, pulled out some towels and proceeded to deliver the baby.

The driver then proceeded to take the new mother, her friends and baby to the hospital. The driver stated that helping with the baby's birth was one of the happiest moment of his life. Apparently this is something Uber has planned for. I don't know if they train their drivers to deliver babies, but Uber has a policy to hand out free Uber onesies to babies that are born in their cars.

The new mother was so happy with everting, that she is officially naming the new baby Uber. I wonder if the family will get free rides for life with this gesture?

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