California is reporting mosquitoes carrying yellow fever. And we thought that West Nile was our only threat.
Mosquito about to feed 28.7.2012 (1)
It's feeding time for this mosquito!

Scientists are blaming the climate change as a possible reason for the infected mosquitoes finding their way into the Golden Gate area.

Yellow fever is a tropical illness rarely found in California, but may now be more common because of the infected mosquitoes. The disease carrying mosquitoes have been reported from the Bay area and as far south as Los Angeles County.

Scientists are not sure why the wide spread growth of the mosquito into California,other than possible climate changes, but could this just be the beginning? Mosquitoes have been responsible for the spread of Yellow Fever, Wes-Nile, Malaria and several other diseases. Reducing your risk and trying to kill off the mosquitoes is the only way to be safe, for now.



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