Country singer Mo Pitney and his wife, Emily, are celebrating the addition of a new baby girl to their family. Audra Elaine Pitney was born on July 14, the couple tells Taste of Country exclusively.

"If I were to tell you the emotions that I’m feeling in this time, it is thankfulness," Pitney gushes to ToC. Audra is Pitney's sister Holly's middle name.

The couple's new daughter, their second child, weighed 7.5 lbs and measured 20 in. long at birth. The delivery was challenging, Pitney recounts, but mom and baby are happy and healthy.

"Emily’s delivery was pretty difficult and long this go around due to the position of the baby," the "Boy and a Girl Thing" singer explains. "(Emily) absolutely amazed me at her ability to face the labor pains. I couldn't be more proud of her."

Courtesy of Mo Pitney and Curb Records
Courtesy of Mo Pitney and Curb Records

"I’m so humbled to see her bravery and strength show through her the way that it did!" Pitney adds. Emily also had a rough delivery with the Pitneys' first daughter, Evelyne Nadine, who ultimately arrived via emergency C-section due to a prolapsed umbilical cord.

Due to current concerns surrounding COVID-19, the family of four are spending time at home in Nashville with only close family members, but Evelyne couldn't be more excited about her new baby sister.

"Evelyne is the best big sister in the world," the proud daddy of two boasts. "The first night home, I took the baby into Evie’s room before she went to sleep and we all cuddled for about 45 minutes while Evie patted Audra’s head and told her that everything is gonna be all right and God will always be with her. She also said (multiple times) I’m your big sister and we will be sisters forever."

Last year, Pitney shared the news exclusively with Taste of Country that he and his wife were expecting their second baby. Her original due date was July 9. It was a decision that required a lot of discussion.

"We had gone back and forth for awhile, talking about how we were brought up with our siblings. I wanted to have the baby a little bit sooner but we waited a bit," Pitney said at the time. "We did it the right way. Our hearts decided."

The birth of their second daughter comes exactly one month before the anticipated release of Pitney’s sophomore album, Ain’t Lookin’ Back, on August 14.

"I wanted to be completely open-minded, while also adding in current sounds — what is my version of what is out today, and how can that meet all of my influences of the past to hopefully make one complete thought, to make something new?" Pitney explains of the project, which will include 7 songs in which he co-wrote. "The end goal was to shut out all other voices, close our eyes, and create something that came from the heart. I’m looking forward to taking this body of work that is completely me and sharing it with the world. I’m excited to see people’s reactions, whether positive or negative. No matter what, I ain’t lookin’ back."

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