Miranda Lambert and the Pistol Annies were able to relive the big moment of helping newlywed Angaleena Presley (aka “Holler Annie”) find the perfect wedding dress when she married her tour manager Jordan Powell back in May. The girls were featured in the new episode of ‘Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta’ on Friday night (Aug. 24), and after a long and tedious day of trying on dress after dress, the then bride-to-be found the one that she admitted she loved almost as much, maybe even more, than her future husband.

Upon the girls’ arrival to the bridal shop, Presley explained her dream dress would be “short [and] simple,” while others in the entourage would rather see “old fashion, antique lace” or a “mullet dress” — short in the front, long in the back, just like the hairdo.

With many “cooks in the kitchen,” including her fellow Annies (Lambert and Ashley Monroe), her mother, her mother-in-law, her sister, her future sister-in-law, her cousin and some of her closest girl friends, Presley tried on numerous dresses, starting with a vintage, lace, floor-length knockout which had her second guessing going with a short dress. The mothers in the group all loved the dress, as did Presley, but the Annies both gave it a thumbs down, saying it looked like something Monroe’s great-grandmother would wear, adding “and she’s dead.”

The next dress Presley tried was the “mullet dress” for the sake of her mother, but Lambert held nothing back when she told her friend ”we can do better.” By the third attempt, Presley was getting frustrated with her options, as well as nobody approving of all the gorgeous dresses she was trying on. She then said she would like to channel Jackie O and something she would have worn. That was all the stylists needed to hear and brought a few more dresses for her to try. Of course the friends and family in tow didn’t approve of the first one, but by the second Jackie O style dress, Presley didn’t care what anybody else thought.

“I like that it’s simple and sweet, and easy to travel with,” she said as her eyes sparkled while looking at herself in the mirror. “I’m giving this one a 10! It’s just what I’m looking for!”

Presley then said ‘Yes to the Dress,’ sending all the women in the room into laughter, tears and applause. Check out a clip from the Pistol Annies’ episode of the hit reality show below.

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