I have always loved bowling. I have very fond memories of being in bowling leagues when I was kid growing up and certainly as an adult. Bowling night has always been a highlight of any week. Bowling is one of the few sports where beer is actually a performance enhancing drug. What other sports nearly requires that you have a plate of nachos and a cold beverage while competing? Although I always have loved to bowl I have never even cracked the 200 barrier. My best game ever was a 180 something, which is why this video really blows my mind.

Every bowler dreams of bowling a perfect game. Getting a 300 is as good as you can do. You cannot bowl any better than nailing 12 strikes in a row. Now, imagine doing that in less than 90 seconds! Ben Ketola recently did just that. He went from lane to lane and used a two-handed toss method to bowl a perfect game in less than a minute and a half. See it for yourself right here. You rock Ben Ketola. We have a new sports hero.

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