As adults, we've seen a few talent shows in our lives. Some talent shows leave us hoping for talent and others just blow us away as one young man did this week. A Michael Jackson impersonator not only steals the school talent show, but gets an invite to Vegas.Even if this wouldn't be your musical choice ever, most people have at least heard one Michael Jackson song in their life. He will, through his music live forever. And the performance by this 17 year old could just be proof of that. (he's been working on his moves since he was 7)

According to the TMZ, a celebrity news site, the California kid that likely drained the power from most smartphones across the country this week has received a special invite to Vegas. And yes, he did win the talent competition.

It seems MJ impersonator, Brett Nichols, a Pitman High School student in Turlock, California caught the eye(s) of Jackson's estate. They've reportedly sent him a care package along with an invitation for he, his parents and sister to Vegas. They have given the Nichols family tickets to see Michael Jackson One.

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