There have been so many paranormal incidents at this hotel that it's safe to say the Hotel Colorado in Glenwood Springs is haunted. Meet the hotel's ghosts.

The Hotel Colorado in Glenwood Springs opened for business in 1893 to attract the wealthy and elite to the mining town, according to their website. There have been many paranormal incidents in the hotel, from the basement to the upstairs.

Some say that the hotel was cursed from the beginning. According to legend Ute Indians who were displaced placed a curse on the land. Others say the ghosts of guests who have died at Hotel Colorado are still there. Let's meet the ghosts at the Hotel Colorado in Glenwood Springs.

Ghost Women in the Basement

There are a few different ghosts living in the basement of the Hotel Colorado. One is an old woman who was is seen peering into the basement window. An employee saw the woman who thought she fell and got hurt. He thought she was stuck because you usually needed a ladder to reach that window. When he went to turn on the light, he turned around and the ghost of the old woman was gone.

The other ghosts are women who were heard talking, and typing on a typewriter in the basement. A security guard was giving a tour and heard what he believed were women talking and typing. When they looked in the room where the noise was coming from, there was no one there and not a typewriter in sight.

The Cigar Smoking Ghost

Meet Walter, who was named after the hotel's founder, Walter Devereaux. Walter likes to pop up around the halls and lobby at night. His presence is known by his smell. Walter smells like cigar smoke even though no one has smoked inside of Hotel Colorado in Glenwood Springs for years.

Walter is actually thought to be E.E. Lucas, who was the manager and eventually bought the hotel in 1916. Maybe E.E. Lucas is checking in, making sure his hotel is still up and running.

The Ghost Nurse

Bobbie is a ghost from WWI. She was killed by a jealous lover who was an officer stationed at the hotel, according to the Hotel Colorado's website. The crime was allegedly covered up and maybe that's why Bobbie sticks around.

She likes to comes around during lunch and dinner. People recognize the nurse from her perfume, which they have smelled from the buffet line to her favorite table.

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