Jake Owen Performs at Cheyenne Frontier Days
Angie Denny, For TSM

Brian and I had the pleasure of hosting the Party Zone before Old Dominion and Jake Owen took the stage last night at Cheyenne Frontier Days. We played the K99 Couples Quiz with 6 willing participants.

What most people didn't know is one of those contestants was planted. He wanted to ask his girlfriend to marry him. So Brian asked the question, "When is the last time he surprised you".  One guy wrote when I asked her to marry me at a Jake Owen Concert at Cheyenne Frontier Days. Then he got on one knee and placed a ring on her trembling finger. She said yes! Some time next year they will become Mr. and Mrs. Daily.

My wife Jenny got photos of the whole thing.

Thanks to Kelsey Nistel, who captured this YouTube video on her phone:

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