Like most country artists, Maren Morris is bummed that she can't tour due to the ongoing global pandemic. However, she is grateful that she gets to spend more quality time with her infant son, Hayes Andrew Hurd.

The 30-year-old country star recently opened up about her life away from the road, telling SiriusXM's The Highway that, while she does miss the fans, if her original touring schedule for her 2020 RSVP: The Tour had gone on as planned, she doesn’t think she would've felt ready to leave her little bundle of joy.

"I was supposed to go back and play a festival, I think, two months after Hayes was born, and I remember it got canceled, and the rest of the tour got rescheduled to next year," Morris tells SiriusXM’s Storme Warren. "I remember, when that weekend came up that we were supposed to be gone on the road, I was like, 'Oh my god! I am in no way ready to be doing that right now.'"

Morris — who shares 4-month-old Hayes with her husband, singer-songwriter Ryan Hurd — went into labor in March, right as COVID-19 shutdowns were being put in place. After giving birth to Hayes on March 23, she detailed the difficult delivery she went through, citing 30 hours of intense labor, which ended with an emergency C-section.

Since then, the "The Bones" hitmaker has been taking time to recover from her procedure, uploading loads of adorable baby photos of Hayes to social media in the process. But after falling victim to mom-shaming due to a photo she shared via Instagram showing her holding her son on a raft without a life vest, Morris decided to delete most of her son's baby pictures from public display.

Although the first-time mommy no longer shares snaps featuring her infant son's face, she’s still creating a ton of new memories with him at home. He's already made his way into some of her latest Instagram posts, including an adorable shot of him with his back to the camera and wearing a Daniel Diamond denim jacket gifted by Miranda Lambert.

"It is sort of, this gift of time, being able to be home and, like, seeing every single moment that [Hayes] has because, you know, they grow up so quickly and we'll never get this first year back," Morris explains of the silver lining of COVID-19 and being able to experience more mother/son moments with her baby. "So, you know, it sucks not being able to tour and see our fans and our crew and our bands, but at the same time we get to witness every single little milestone that Hayes has, so that's been really special."

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