The Loveland Associated Veterans Club building has been sold and with closing only two weeks away, many members are not happy and feel they were lied to.

It was last May that 91 members voted (50-41) to sell the Loveland Associated Veterans Club building which is home to the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 41 and American Legion Post 51.

The building, located at 305 N Cleveland, has been there since 1947.

One of the main issues was that the board said that membership was down and the finances to keep the building going was just not going to happen. On the other side of that coin, many have said the financial situation was not the case at all.

They could back out of the sale but it would cost about $40,000 in broker/real estate fee's and cost to the "unnamed" buyer.

Another major issue that many are claiming is that the building is in need of major repairs and many feel "it's ready to fall down around us." Others say that is simply not the case and although repairs are needed, it's not nearly as bad as some paint it out to be. Parking is also an issue.

The biggest issue from those who want to stay at the old location say that all of the 700-900 members who were eligible to vote were not notified. Board members though said all members were contacted via several avenues and it was only the 91 who showed up to vote.

The sale is due to be finalized on 1 April unless a buyout is done and the board has already made an offer on a new location at 2175 E. 11th St., about half the size, which is contingent on the sale of the current building. The City of Loveland has also offered to help by matching local donations up to $100,000, reimbursement of up to $50,000 for a new fire sprinkler system at the new location and would also waive $8000 in permit fees and taxes.

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