Matching lower prices sounds like a great way for a store to win over customers, but it actually may be a way to get booted from the store

An Arizona man has been banned for life from Walmart after he tried ad-matching and was told by an employee that it’s not allowed.

Joe Cantrell, who says he’s disabled as a result of years of professional wrestling, claims he goes to Walmart at least twice a day to check the prices against the competitors. He’s been doing so for about four months, but last week an employee said he couldn’t do it.

When I left, he turned around and called the Pinal County Sheriff's Office and said he felt intimidated and threatened. I was upset, but never once did I say anything to the gentleman."

Cantrell returned to the store a few days later, at which point he says a trio of deputies placed him in handcuffs, issued him a court summons and handed him a notice informing he was not allowed to shop at any Walmart for the rest of his life.

Speaking about the incident, Cantrell said, "I felt shamed. I felt like I was the bad guy. And I know I'm not a bad guy.”

Cantrell wasn’t arrested, but there are still looming charges of threatening, intimidation and disorderly conduct.

"I was handcuffed, humiliated and embarrassed in front of everybody at Walmart,” Cantrell said.

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