At the 2019 CMA Awards, Luke Combs added to his already expansive collection of awards and accolades. The singer took home trophies for Song of the Year (for "Beautiful Crazy"), Male Vocalist of the Year and Musical Event of the Year (for "Brand New Man," a collaboration with Brooks & Dunn).

Backstage at the awards show, Combs admits he prefers to keep his trophy collection contained to one room in his house, in part because he doesn't want his professional life to overshadow his personal life with his fiancee, Nicole Hocking. "I don't have anything hanging in my house anywhere guests would be, or in our bedroom," the singer explains. "I always wanted my house to be about me and my fiancee, our life together -- not about my career."

That being said, Combs admits that being able to see those awards do serve a purpose, especially when they're hanging up in the room where he usually goes to write new material. "Going in that room and being able to write a song in there, it doesn't make me over-confident or cocky, it just makes me know that me and the people I work with have the ability to get it done, if we wanna get it done," he explains.

"When I'm in there, if I'm tired or I don't have an idea, I can look up at these [awards] -- especially the ones from tonight -- and go, 'Hey, you've been there. We've achieved some really great things, and we can do it again if we really put our minds to it,'" Combs adds.

Though each of his 2019 CMA Awards signifies a major achievement, Combs admits that winning the Song of the Year title just might be the most meaningful of all. "I [especially wanted this award]. I wanted it for these guys," he said in the media room, gesturing to his two co-writers on "Beautiful Crazy," Wyatt B. Durette III and Robert Williford, who were standing beside him.

"I get to be onstage and talk and be heard all the time, but the people who helped me do that don't always necessarily get the credit that I feel like they deserve. Tonight, two great people have gotten exactly what they deserve," the singer goes on to say. "I am so proud to call these guys really great friends, phenomenal co-writers and CMA winners."

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