The Loveland Associated Veterans Club which was set to be sold today, will not be sold. A judge ruled on the side of the veterans who were not happy about the sale.

On March 18, I wrote a story about the American Legion/VFW building in Loveland that was going to be sold (read that story here) and the fact that many of the veterans were not at all happy with the idea and felt they had been thrown under the bus for a lack of a better term. The biggest problem was that many said they were never notified that the sale was coming down to a vote. Of the almost 700 members, only 90 showed up and the vote was 51-40 to sell the old building and move.

In fact, the building was actually part of a prisoner of war camp near Greeley and was purchased in 1946 and then moved to it's current location.

The good thing about the outcome is that both sides agreed that it's over and no one will fight to have the ruling overturned. It was also mentioned that they are all veterans and have been though much worse than fighting over the sale of a building they all share and I applaud them all for that.

These heroes have fried much bigger fish in their time and it's nice to know that those who voted to sell the building are not gong to fight the issue and instead will work on everyone getting along and doing what is necessary to keep the Loveland Associated Veterans Club alive and well for decades to come.

I salute them all for working this out and leaving the landmark alone.

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