A bar in Loveland is getting creative with take out margaritas and the upcoming 4th of July holiday.

Wicked Tequila Room at 123 E 4th St. in Loveland not only has a great manager and attractive bartenders, but is now serving red, white and blue to-go margaritas called "Patriot Pouches". The popularity is already exploding on Facebook as people are tagging friends and planning to get them for their 4th of July celebrations.

After stopping by and picking one up, it occurred to me that about 30 red, white and blue, pre-mixed, margaritas in a cooler would take a lot of the work out of 4th of July. Another thing I learned (as I just finished one) is they are... very effective. In my opinion, PERFECT amount of alcohol. (spoiler alert: they're perfectly strong)

Order online HERE or check out their Facebook Page below.

Source: Facebook

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