Mariah Carey is one of the biggest pop stars in history, but she really comes alive these days around the holiday season. She spread a little holiday cheer right here in Colorado last week, and it was awesome. Scroll down for the full video.

Mariah Carey In Colorado?

You likely saw the holiday campaign with Mariah Carey and fast-food giant McDonald's on TV or all over your social accounts this past month. Mariah, in that amazing red holiday gown, promoted her 12 days of deals in which McDonald's lovers (who isn't one, by the way?) could score a different free item off of Micky D's menu for the 12 days leading up to Christmas. Well, she was in Colorado for the holidays and surprised a local McDonald's crew by tossing on that now-famous red gown and stopping in for a cheeseburger at one of their Aspen, Colorado, locations.

Mariah Carey in Aspen, Colorado

If you've even been to beautiful Aspen, Colorado, you can understand why celebrities like to head into those snowy Colorado hills for a little time away from wherever their crazy lives are normally located. Mariah Carey is also a fan and took her family there over Christmas break. While she did go there for some rest and relaxation, she still took it upon herself to get dolled up and swing by a local Aspen McDonald's to grab a quick snack. Not before pulling a few pranks, though.

Mariah Carey Surprises Local McDonald's Employees and Guests

I've always been a huge Mariah Carey fan, so seeing her take the time to do something like this, that, according to what she says in the video, wasn't a corporately-planned stunt, is awesome. The staff and customers looked genuinely surprised and now have this memory to share forever. I hope they got her cheeseburger order right.

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