Summer is winding down and with another one in the books here in the great state of Colorado, it's time to look back on some of the best things about this past summer.

There really is something to love about every season here in Northern Colorado but with the abundance of activities, things to do and places to go, there is no shortage of opportunities to create memories here.

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Whether your summer was filled with fun and exciting things or simply more of the daily grind with not much changing, it's ok. Whether it's a bunch of things or just a couple shining moments, we're just taking a moment to look back and reflect.

Before we get into the fun stuff from the summer let's all just take a step back and be honest, a lot of us weren't able to do the stuff we wanted to do, maybe we called off a planned trip due to all of the inflation and how much everything (especially travel) cost during the summer. It was pretty crazy.

Hopefully though, you were able to do some fun stuff and let loose a little bit.

As I look back on the summer of 2022, I look back with gratitude. Thankful I was able to  get out and up in the mountains, experience some really cool events and meet some incredible people in the process.

Summer in Northern Colorado 2022, sure it's not officially over yet (Sept 21 is the first day of fall) but with most schools back in session for all intensive purposes we are on the final home stretch before leaves start changing and the temperatures drop.

Here are some memories from the Summer of 2022.

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