I'm going to say it. Wyoming is the best state in the country for awesome animal photos. We have so many different types of animals that you never know what you'll walk upon. It also attracts different photographers that want to take pictures of Wyoming's natural beauty. The whole state is essentially a honey hole for photographers wanting to get that awesome nature photo.

Photographers have been using social media to get their work out there for years, dropping watermarks and letting the whole world see what they've shot. A new trend for photographers with social media is to utilize TikTok to show off their work.

Now, a Wyoming Photographer has found a boatload of cuteness and captured a couple of Wyoming foxes kissing. This would totally be the best picture for Valentine's Day. I can see it now, Wyoming Is For Lovers. We should make that a card.

Check out the video here.



It looks like a baby fox and its mama. Just guessing by the size difference, though it could be a female and a male. I don't know, I'm not a fox-ologist. Yeah, I made that word up. But, you get the idea.

I mean, will you just look at them? They're so happy. You can't really blame them, I'd bet they're living their best lives in Yellowstone. Just wandering around, doing fox things. Good for them. And great for the photographer that was able to catch the awesome moment!

For real, though. Can we make this into a postcard?


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